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Welcome to Live Oak Med. Supplement Brokerage

Welcome to Live Oak Medicare Supplement Brokerage.  We have been providing Life Insurance and Long Term Care, Annuity, and Disability planning to financial advisors across the country for over 12 years.  We have partnerships with some of the largest and leading financials firms in the region and nation.  These relationships have led us to expanding our offerings with Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans due to the high demand for professional help.  We’ve come to realize that our financial advisor partners are in need of an unbiased source of planning, brokerage, and advice.  We are excited to fill that void and ensure that our clients are educated, have access to the top carriers in the industry, and know their options.


We will strive to provide consumers with the knowledge, options, and protections needed to safeguard their lives and retirements from the ravages of healthcare costs.


We will maintain our attitude of service, and duty, and honor in our daily interactions and dealings.  We will strive to get to know the client, meet their needs as best as possible, but just as importantly, follow through.  These plans are not static, and we take great pride in maintaining our relationships with clients to keep them educated as plans, offerings, and the business changes.

4320 Suwanee Dam Road Suite 2400 Suwanee, GA 30024

(800) 241-5030


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Calling the numbers above will direct you to a licensed sales agent.

  • Great Service! I was very happy with the whole experience and I will recommend you to my friends with confidence!
    Dave Philpott
  • Thank you for making things easy. We were not sure where to start but you have given us peace of mind and were so patient and helpful.
    Roger Wilcox
  • I really appreciate your attention to detail and advice. You have been very patient with us and we appreciate that, thank you.
    Sylvia Gordon
  • I just wanted to thank Live Oak Med Supplement Brokerage for all the patience and advice. They really care and took the time to explain everything.
    Irene Tharp
  • The guys at Live Oak Med Supplement Brokerage were great to work with and made the whole process easy for my wife and I.
    Dan Mason
  • The services and attention to detail provided by agents at Live Oak Med Supplement Brokerage is outstanding. They are truly professionals.
    Robert Lochard
  • Live Oak Med Supplement Brokerage has been a great resource for information on Medicare and have made made this process stress free for me!
    Felicia Adkins
  • Live Oak Med Supplement Brokerage provided outstanding customer service! They walked me through every step and made sure I understood exactly what I was signing up for. I was happy to make my choice with confidence!
    Brad Shaffer
  • Thank you for your attention to detail and the level of support and expertise you offer. I look forward to working with you and your group for the foreseeable future!
    Dalton Kramer

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